Record Production

Providing the best in several genres
When it comes to Record Production, our reputation is only as solid as the product we create. Because of this, we are selective in what we do, and who we do it with. We are looking for an original and standout vocal sound and aspire to work with Artists that have a special something to offer. We want someone that delivers a believable performance with heart and style. If you meet those standards, we would love to meet you. We have produced everything from 3 song development projects, to major label releases, and from motion picture scores to cable television soundtracks. We work only with the best musicians that Nashville (and for that matter the world) has to offer. We want nothing less than to hear your songs on the radio and will provide you with a quality product that gives you a chance to get it there. Why are we different? Because we don't settle. We do it until we know it is right. So if you like the idea of recording with hit Producer's and the same musicians that back Carrie, Reba, Tim and Faith on their records, contact us and let us get started on assisting you with your career today!!