Meet Our Team

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J. Gary Smith Productions / Malloy Boys Studio Era

J. Gary Smith

When J. Gary Smith Signed to RCA records as a recording artist at 23 years old, he already owned the most popular night club in downtown Houston and was president of the district his club was in. At the time, it was not unusual to find celebrities in his audience. Bob Newhart, Paul Anka, even the entire LA Dodger team attended one of his shows before he hit the road in 1970 to...

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John G. Smith
Vice President

Yes, there's no coincidence in the Smith name. John Smith has been working as a partner with his father for more than 15 years. But not before John broke away to discover his own identity as a music professional.

John began recording full band demos as a writer/artist and multi-instrumentalist at the age of 16 years old. After heading up one of Houston's most successful...

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Cassandra Tormes
Creative Director

As Creative Director for JGSII, and J. Gary Smith Productions, Cassandra spends her time, (and we mean all of it :)) dedicated to making sure our artists are getting the best advice, the best songs and the greatest co-writes available to them.

Armed with a B.A. in Corporate and Organizational Communications from Western Kentucky, Cassandra came to Nashville to conquer!...

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